Cosmetic Clean-up

Working with What Was Already There: Washing & Refinishing to Make a House Like-New

The Roadblock

An old, mossy patio and walkway needed a facelift. And this house had no driveway for the recently installed garage.

Our Path Through

Don’t fix what’s not broken! Instead of replacing the old walkway and patio, which already had pavers, our crew pressure-washed the paving stones and re-finished with polymeric sand to make them more resistant to water.

After putting in a driveway for the new garage, and widening the existing driveway, the team installed retaining walls alongside, to control drainage. The new pavers and the terraced walls are functional and attractive, to give this house a more polished feel. And thanks to polymeric sand, we’ve made sure the walkway and patio will keep their fresh, “newly washed” look.

We can’t wait to get started!

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Before Photos

After Photos